Photograph by David Salazar / Milca
We anticipated Milca to be received as a new product by most 'youngsters', who comprise most of Nicaragua's population. However, we also expected stories and anecdotes to be told by 'oldies' who had enjoyed it back in the day. They organically backed up Milca's positioning as the original red soda, which we seized through the hashtag #larojaoriginal.
The duality of being a legacy brand but also new to most of the market gave us a paradox that sparked curiosity: 'New since 1959'. 
Beyond being a delicious thirst quencher, Milca became a proven conversation starter.
Making a (Red) Splash!
Together with Pupila, we challenged the usually overloaded graphics used in the soft drinks category. In turn, we proposed clean and flat-coloured visuals to build an eye-catching grid system that flexibly featured slogans, retail information, and product images. 
Madre produced product shots with the help of business photographer Otto Mejía. We also developed scripts for radio spots and created a new version of Milca's vintage jingle produced by the talented team at Mosaico Audiovisual.
Furthermore, through Boxed Nicaragua, we put together a special gift kit aimed at influencers who excitedly shared their unboxing experience and joy at receiving some Milca love.

Creative Direction: Carlos Zúñiga
Art Direction: Alfredo Enciso
Graphic Design: Jorge Espinoza, Andrea López
Project Management: Amanda Cuadra
Photography: Otto Mejía
Photography Production: Melina Rodríguez, Karen Torres
Production for Case: Andrea López, Inti Ruíz
2020 © Developed for Madre Consulting & Pupila Estudio / Milca Bottling Co.

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