ALFA is now known as Central America's most technologically advanced supplier of asphalt mixes, asphalt emulsions, concrete and industrial building materials, working with local and regional governments and private construction companies. We helped them identify their differentiating strengths (guaranteed tailor-made formulas, state-of-the-art laboratory, and expert team) to set them apart and to challenge their industry confidently.
We learned what drives ALFA: a relentless commitment to building a better future for everyone through innovation. This became the cornerstone of the new brand strategy, naming, visual brand identity, and communication guidelines. 

Creative Direction: Carlos Zúñiga
Strategic Direction: Amanda Cuadra and Carlos Zúñiga
Project Coordination: Karen Torres
Lead Designer: Andrea López
​​​​​​​Graphic Design: Andrea López and Inti Ruíz
Copywriting: Paola Zuniga
©​​​​​​​ Developed for Madre Consulting

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