Hola! I'm Carlos.

I'm a creative strategist based in London, specialising in consumer packaged goods and tech-related ventures, helping to build remarkable brands and revitalising existing ones to break into new markets, reposition, gain relevance, maintain relevance, attract new audiences, shine and keep the business growing (by up to x7!). My current client work reaches over 55 countries.

I have two decades of experience in the creative industry, having focused on creative direction, strategic direction, art direction, design and copywriting. In addition, I've led various profit-driven and social impact initiatives.
A project I'm particularly passionate about is Chispafest, a platform that empowers the creative community of Nicaragua and LATAM. Since founding Chispa in 2016, we've organised over 70 talks and workshops for more than 5,000 participants.
I hold a Master's degree in Strategic and Creative Direction for Communications and Advertising from IED Barcelona.
I'm originally from Nicaragua, a new dad, a rookie marathoner and a semi-frequent gym goer, living, loving, and working from Brixton in South London.
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