On-line Marketing for Nicaragua's newest beer 
Client: Compañia Cervecera de Ncaragua
Agency: Webbasica

The web
We wanted to do something new and cool for the web, so people could relate these characteristics to the brand. We gave visitors an experience no other brand/site in Nicaragua had delivered. According to the season, we had a specific video scene on the background. With the audio and the detailed flash animation, it felt like being there. We first launched it with an afternoon open-air-bar-scene and switched it to the beach for the summer. We created a "spin the bottle" drinkng game and others for general entertainment. We also started a community through e-mail and various contests with their own splash sites. Other sections included institutional content about the brand, products, ad campaigns, etc.

Social Media
We created campaigns and contests that aroused our target and got them talking positively about the brand through social platforms.

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