We did a revamp to make the product more attractive, add value to it and improve its display in retail spaces. We defined a set of finishes with a specialized supplier in Holland, this included three-dimensional enhancements, foil inks, gold dust, and set of varnishes and textures. 
We also optimized the factory's inventory management by covering 16 packaging sizes with a system of only two sizes of labels, instead of the 16 different sets that were previously required.
The main logo was simplified and modernized, the typography updated and the main symbol of the brand was incorporated to match the overall aesthetics. 

The 'coat-of-arms' was reinterpreted to include new Nicaraguan icons, but maintaining its most relevant elements and vintage look. The overall composition was simplified to optimize its reproduction.

The inside label shows a painting of a tobacco field in the Valley of Estelí, which is where the history of the brand began. The human, artisan and artful side of the brand is also portrayed, with the on-duty tobacco growers on the front. On the background, you’ll see the curing barns and the “malinche” trees with their vibrant red flowers, an iconic ornament present at JDN's factory, too.
This is the only brand to feature JDN’s vintage ‘coat-of-arms’ as the main logo, depicted on the top part of the box and its inside label. It's meticulous in composition and finishes; with beautiful hand-made 3D embossings, golden and foil inks and a combination of varnishes which add depth and make the painting almost come to life.
Clásico, the cigar that captivated America in the 70’s is officially back in the US. To communicate this exciting new product launch, we created #StayClasico, a communications strategy that eluded to a sense of nostalgia for the quality, heritage, and sophistication of the original Clásico during our time. 
Modern-vintage visuals and an integrated online and print ad campaign were launched to show cigar aficionados of all generations why Clásico is still JDN’s most sought-after brand in the world.

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