In September 2017, we organized a two-day conference for 1,200 attendees in Managua, featuring 12 keynotes and 5 workshops by international leaders on Creativity, Innovation and Design. Our goal is to empower the creative community and contribute to the development of the creative industries in Nicaragua and Central America.
© Madre Consulting - 2017
Creative Director: Carlos Zúñiga.
Production Director: Amanda Cuadra.
Co-production: Blü Nicaragua.
Graphic Design: Dainin SolísDaniel Aragón H., Carlos Zúñiga, Melina Rodríguez, Franco González.
Production Executive: Hulda Reyes.
Motion Graphics and Opening Credits: Capeto Carrión.
Video Mapping: Jemax Luna.
Communications: Ximena Cordón, Daniel Aragón
Commercials: Mosaico Producciones.
Aftervideo: 86 Producciones.
Event Photography: Eugenia CarriónEmmanuel BarqueroRodrigo GarayJohanna Baca.
Thanks to all the volunteers, allies and sponsors who made this event possible!
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