REDiscover Joya!

[2014] Joya Red was Joya de Nicaragua's new cigar line in 2014. I worked on its brand concept, packaging, launching, ad campaign and on-line activation. The Insights 1) As the first manufacturer of nicaraguan cigars, JDN was (somewhat) percieved as outdated. 2) It also had a reputation for making overwhelmingly full bodied cigars, which to some extend intimidates and excludes the biggest portion of consumers. 3) The market is saturated with constant new brand releases; flashy names that battle for shelf space. Solutions. We created a brand that would appeal to a wider audience of cigar enthusiasts. We gave it a name-slogan-packaging association that would be extremely easy to remember, but that would also stand out and be easily identifiable. We went with very classic design and packaging, with stylish twists and details for the modern feel. Client: Joya de Nicaragua, S.A. Creative & Art Direction: Carlos Zúñiga Graphic Design: Carlos Zúñiga / Franco Gonzalez Photos by: Eterno Fotoarte / Carlos Zúñiga /

And finally... me, caught "red handed" while enjoying a #JoyaRed.

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