[2003-2012] is the top entertainment website in Nicaragua. I became 50% owner of this project during its starting phase in 2003 and moved on from the project nine years later, at the end of 2012. We developed a pioneer internet business model in Nicaragua and became the third most important online information source after the two biggest national newspapers. We averaged more than 10,000 unique daily visitors during the late 2000's. I was involved in strengthening the brand, its personality and tone of voice, directing the content strategy, blogging, web design and more. I left the site with one of the most impressive online base of followers in the country. This is a short showcase of its latest logo (2010) and the v.8 web version (2011).

The brand
Re-designing the site
Sketches on the whteboard
The actual wireframe > Home
Scrolling down...

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